How can Bob help?


Bob is available to run individual training sessions, mornings, afternoons or even whole days. Most recently leading seminars at many events including for the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, Diocese of Salisbury and New Wine.

Training sessions are designed to be interactive, informative and to challenge the way that we think about who we are, and what God has called us to do. Sessions that have been run recently include:

Aimed at Young people - How not to get stuck in a rut, how to get the most out of your devotions, any of the Youth Alpha talks, being a man of God, living in the Spirit, and many more

Aimed at those working with children and young people - All age worship, engaging with youth culture (full day), dealing with difficult behaviour, writing resources for ministry, schools and the local church, leading bible studies, how to run a weekend away, preparing and presenting a message and many more

All other subjects can be negotiated and new material written if my experience would be beneficial for that theme.

"It's a real gift to find people who are effective at coming alongside teenagers and Bob has definitely got it. He's passionate about engaging with young people the love of Jesus and brings plenty of energy and creativity to make that possible. I’ve enjoyed working alongside him at New Wine where he's taken on running a youth venue, seminars and main meetings to an exceptional level."

Oli Benyon, Youth Pastor

St Aldates, Oxford

Ever since the first moment that I knew God was real and that He loved and cared for me, I knew I was called to work with children and young people, in various contexts. The day after I made my own personal decision to follow Jesus I approached the youth worker who had taken me to Soul Survivor and said please let me work with you, so no one has to gothrough what I have without knowing there is hope in Jesus!

For the six years following the start of my Christian walk, I worked for a Christian schools charity called ICIS (In Christ In Schools) initially starting off as a gap year student. This meant that I received training from The Pais Project based in Manchester, and used that training to work in nearly thirty Primary and Secondary schools across Mansfield. This included writing and leading assemblies, lessons, conferences, after school clubs, Christian unions, Youth Alpha’s, mission weeks and much more. I progressed on from being a student to leading a team of my own and coordinating a lot of the events and sessions at Venue 3:16 (the youth venue I became a Christian through) which was open 5 days a week for varying age groups, including outreach sessions, special events, Rock Solid and bible studies. I learned an awful lot over those six years working for ICIS, probably working more hours than I should have done, but giving a deepunderstanding of how to do schools work, youth work and children’s work.

“Bob is a really fun communicator of the Gospel, with laughter and challenge both guaranteed! Bob is hugely gifted in working with children and young people at their level.”

Nick Harding, Diocesan Children’s Adviser

Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham

Weekends Away

With over thirty weekends away under his belt, Bob has spoken to many children and young people over the years. These tend to happen as evening meetings on Friday and Saturday night, morning meetings on Saturday and Sunday. These sessions include icebreakers, interactive bible readings, worship (Bob can possibly provide a band if required) and a talk with space for group discussion and response. Current material that has been used include the life of Esther, life of Jonah, life of Noah and the fruits of the Spirit. Although new series can be written.

I then went on from ICIS to become the Youth and Children’s Pastor for an Anglican church in St Albans. Heading up the work within the church and out in the community. This involved organising, writing and delivering material across the ages in midweek groups, junior church,leading assemblies and events in the local schools, of which in the local primary I was a school Governor. This was all done with a dedicated team of volunteers and working closely with other youth and children’s workers across the area.

Once my time in St Albans came to an end, I moved my life down to Salisbury where I took over as the manager for another Christian schools charity called The Bridge Project, which goes into nearly fifty schools across South Wiltshire. The job involved all aspects of schools work, which was limited not only to what went into schools, but also equipping and inspiring the local churches to get involved with the communities around them.

Which now leads us to the present day and my decision to pursue a self employed lifestyle of helping to equip, train and inspire children and young people, and those who work with them. So for half the year I continue to be available to anyone that wishes me to come and help, with the other half of the year working out in Western France as Programme Manager for Spring Harvest Holidays.

Speaking / Preaching

Over the last fourteen years Bob has spoken at many events, churches and conferences. Most of the talks have been to enthuse and challenge not only young people, but also the church into action. Over the last few years Bob has delivered talks on subjects such as the rise and fall of Samson, being transformed and not conformed, Jonah and the power of God, and Amazing Grace, and a six sermon series on Bob’s life rules.Bob is more than happy to write new talks, to fit your needs, so why not get in touch.

"Bob is full of energy, has a heart for the Gospel and his presentational skills are of the highest order. He has the ability to engage with young and old in a humorous and relevant manner."

Phil Moncur, Diocesan director of Education

Diocese of Derby

In amongst all the fun and excitement of my full time roles I have had the incredible privilege of being involved with many national organisations which have contributed greatly to the person I am today and the depthof experience that I have received.

For the last twelve years I have been part of a team headed up by Nick Harding, leading the all age worship at Spring Harvest, normally based at one week at Skegness. This has been a real blessing being able to serve people of all ages, and to help them engage with the living God not only as individuals, but as family groups and wider church family.

Also for seven years I played a part in leading the Youth celebrations at New Wine, for five years at both the LSE & CSW weeks leading the Vibe venue alongside the 29th Chapter, with two years taking over complete control of Vibe at CSW and hosting the main celebration meetings. To go alongside my work with the 29th Chapter I have also helped with their work leading the Underground venue at Soul Survivor and many other events they have been involved with.

Everything Else

Obviously being self employed, all the services that I offer need to go towards covering not only my costs for the event, but to go towards providing enough for me to be able to live on. But cost should never be a deciding factor and I am happy to negotiate and discuss costs to suit your needs and requirements, please request more information.

After looking through this site, you may have decided that there is another area that you would love Bob to assist with, including leading an all age service, doing someconsultancy work for your church or organisation, leading a holiday club, church open day, fun days and much much more, why don’t you get in touch and lets see what we can do together.

Their have been many other great opportunities that I have had over the years, including helping to lead two youth celebrations across two different cities. Coordinating, directing and starring in two pantomimes to raise funds for the youth work in churches and Tearfund. Writing resourcesand articles for several magazines and organisations and much more. I love the work that I am involved with and I am passionate about others being equipped properly to do all that God has called them to. Please do have a look at how my life, experiences and passion can help you by clicking over to the next page, checking it out and getting in touch.


Bob Goody 2013